The Excalibur 3900 at full capacity

The Best Food Dehydrator Review

Food dehydrators are a kitchen item I have used daily for roughly a decade. I began exploring the world of food dehydrating using the dehydrator. My friends and family love the delicious foods that come from the dehydrator so much that many have purchased their own food dehydrators or now hire me to create foods[…]

Top 6 money management methods that always deliver

Tired of the constant unsolicited financial advice given by the so-called money experts in your environment? These people could be anyone including your relatives, friends or even acquaintances that you often run into during your morning walks! While one may urge you to invest into blue-chip stocks, others may consider them an absolute waste. Your[…]

How Much Money Do I Need to Save for Retirement?

How Much Money Do I Need to Save for Retirement? You worked hard to get where you are now, am I right? You graduated high school, spent years in college, started your career, and now you’re comfortable with your life. You spend most of your days working throughout the year, and you’ll be doing the[…]

How to Create a Budget in No Time!

One of the most important things you need to do when it comes to your financial health is to create a good budget. Having a budget, and sticking to it, can lead to greater financial stability, regardless of your socioeconomic status. Having a budget means setting limits, being disciplined and being responsible. When you have[…]

5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Car Insurance

Unfortunately, auto insurance is one of the necessities in life. In most states, automobile owners are required to carry certain amounts of coverage in order to operate their vehicles, and there is little choice in the matter. But, the good news is, you can definitely find some ways to save money on car insurance so[…]

Make Your Savings Grow with Automating

If you are struggling with finding ways to tuck some money away for a rainy day, put away money for holiday shopping, or save for retirement, then sometimes all it takes is a little bit at a time—and, automating! There’s no doubt about it – making saving money an automatic thing is a great way[…]

Earn more Membership Rewards with the AmEx OPEN Savings Program

Have you heard of the American Express OPEN Savings Program? If not, listen up! Everyone loves a good deal.  And for those who run a small business, every percentage discount counts.  But, many may not know that their business credit card from American Express can save them some money (or earn them some more Membership Rewards[…]