Priceline Credit Card Review

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Your favorite travel booking site might be Priceline for their Express Deals and Name Your Own Price bidding options. As you will discover in this Priceline credit card review, you might be able to book your award travel sooner. Will the Priceline credit card convince you to book your future travel on Priceline?

Priceline Credit Card Review

Priceline Credit Card Review

Priceline Credit Card Annual Fee

First off, there is no annual fee with the Priceline Rewards Visa. And there isn’t a foreign transaction fee either. Being a fee-free credit card makes this an excellent option for international travel and also as a secondary card if you do not use Priceline exclusively.

Priceline Visa Sign-Up Bonus

What would a travel rewards card be without a sign-up bonus? You will earn 5,000 bonus points after your first purchase. Each Priceline rewards point is worth 1.5 cents and 5,000 bonus points translate to a $75 sign-up bonus.

While this isn’t exactly a large sign-up bonus, it is still respectable for a no-fee credit card. Since you can literally earn it just by spending $1, it’s also one of the easiest credit card bonuses you will ever earn.

Priceline Visa Credit CardPurchase Rewards

While the $50 sign-up bonus is nice, it’s not exactly going to be the primary reason most people will apply for the Priceline credit card. That means it needs to have a robust purchase rewards and redemption program to convince Priceline users to not continue booking their travel with their existing travel rewards card.

Like many other travel credit cards, you will earn unlimited bonus points on Priceline purchases.

Earn 5x on Priceline Purchases

You can earn five points per dollar on select Priceline purchases.

These are the following purchases that allow you to earn bonus points:

  • Cruises
  • Name Your Own Price
  • Express Deals
  • Pay Now bookings
  • Trip Protection products

With the exception of the Pay Later bookings, you will earn points on nearly any Priceline purchase.

You have the opportunity to earn a $25 travel statement credit (the most valuable reward) for every $333 you spend at Priceline.

Earn 1x on Everything Else

You will earn one point per dollar on every non-Priceline purchase and all Pay Later purchases you make on Priceline.

For a no-fee rewards card, the purchase reward isn’t too shabby.

Redeeming Rewards

You can redeem Priceline rewards points for travel statement credits or on Priceline purchases or non-travel statement credits of at least $25. Your points are most valuable when you redeem them for Priceline travel statement credits.

Travel Statement Credits

Each point is worth 1.5 cents, you will need 1,667 points in your account to receive a credit. But only when they are redeemed for Priceline purchase credits.

When you redeem your Priceline points, you will also receive a 10% redemption bonus. Assuming you redeem your 5,000 bonus points all at once, you will get 500 points back worth $5 in future travel statement credits.

Cash Statement Credits

Points are only worth one cent each when redeemed for purchases. Your 5,000 bonus points will only be worth a $50 cash statement credit. And, you won’t get a redemption bonus.

A 1% redemption rate is still respectful, but, as this is a co-branded Priceline travel rewards card, save the points for Priceline statement credits.

Gifts Cards and Merchandise

A third redemption option is redeeming your rewards points for gift cards and merchandise starting at $25. You will need 3,000 points for the minimum redemption making this the least valuable option. Your points will only be worth 0.8 cents each at most. Points will be worth less if redeemed for merchandise.

Although the redemption options are limited, each point having a value of 1.5 cents each is a definite plus. Priceline loyalists will be pleased with being able to get a rather high point value compared to other travel credit cards that only value points at one cent each or less.

Additional Priceline Credit Card Benefits

Besides being a fee-free credit card, there are really no additional benefits to speak of. You do have access to the Barclaycard Concierge Service that can help you schedule dining, travel, hotels, entertainment, and sporting events via telephone.

Pros of Priceline Credit Card

Here’s how you can benefit from owning the Priceline credit card:

  • Points are worth 1.5 cents plus 10% redemption bonus for travel statement credits
  • Earn five bonus points on nearly any Priceline purchase
  • No annual fee
  • Receive $75 bonus travel statement credit after your first purchase

Having no annual fee makes this an attractive travel rewards card whether you use Priceline frequently or occasionally. The 1.5 cent redemption value is also very competitive.

Cons of Priceline Credit Card

Here’s why you might want to avoid the Priceline Rewards Visa:

  • Travel statement credit only applies to Priceline purchases
  • Bonus purchase rewards are only earned on Priceline purchases
  • Only earn one point per $1 on Pay Later purchases on Priceline
  • Other no-fee rewards cards have more valuable sign-up bonuses

The biggest drawback to the Priceline credit card for most travelers is the fact that you only earn bonus points on Priceline purchases. While the 1.5 cent redemption value is attractive, active travelers can be better served with a travel credit card that earns bonus rewards points on all travel purchases and can be redeemed for award travel on multiple websites.

Alternatives to the Priceline Credit Card

There are two solid alternatives to the Priceline Rewards Visa if you are willing to pay an annual fee for additional flexibility. First, is the Chase Sapphire Preferred that earns two points per dollar on all travel and dining purchases. Points are worth 1.25 cent each when redeemed for award travel on Chase or can also be transferred to 11 airline and hotel travel partners to book award flights and hotel nights. And, the sign-up bonus is worth $625 in award travel.

A second option is another the Barclaycard Arrival Plus that earn two miles on every single purchase. Miles are worth one cent each when redeemed for travel statement credits and there is also a 5% point redemption bonus. The sign-up bonus is worth $500 in travel statement credits.

While the purchase reward and redemption value might not be worth as much as the Priceline Visa, you can theoretically earn more points and also redeem them sooner if Priceline isn’t your primary travel website.

Is the Priceline Rewards Visa Worth It?

There Priceline Rewards Visa is a good option for the following two types of travelers:

  • People who primarily use Priceline for travel reservations
  • Those who periodically make a Priceline purchase and want a no-fee secondary credit card

Because you only earn bonus points on Priceline purchases, this won’t be a practical primary credit card for most people. Other credit cards are more productive for non-Priceline spending. If you enjoy saving money by using Priceline, the Priceline Visa is definitely worth considering as its redemption value is higher than most travel credit cards, but, only if you travel with Priceline.

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