Which Airline Credit Cards Offer Free Checked Bags?

If you travel frequently, then you might be aware of some of the big changes that have taken place over the past several years, in terms of additional fees and charges. If it’s been a while since you last boarded a plane—hang on, there might be some surprises. One of the big changes, and one[…]

Which Airline Credit Cards Offer Elite Status?

As you check out the many options for getting a credit card with airline rewards, it is helpful to know what you will get for perks. Some airline credit cards will get you elite status more quickly (or automatically), while others have pretty regular perks. Depending on what you are looking for, you may prefer[…]

How Many Credit Cards Should You Have?

When was the last time you took a look at your free credit report? Were you surprised to see how many credit cards you had open in your name? How often have you been lured at the cash register to sign up for a store credit card to save 10-15% on the spot? All of[…]

The 5 Best Airline and Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Credit cards for travel rewards are some of the most popular credit cards that are offered. Many people are enticed by the idea of earning a free or super-low-cost vacation, but with so many cards to choose from, how do you know which one is going to offer you the best value? Luckily, we have[…]

The Best American Express Credit Cards for Travel Rewards

 I’ll admit it, I’m a pretty big American Express fan.  My first credit card was a Starwood Preferred Guest credit card by American Express, and I now proudly hold a American Express Platinum card in my wallet.  So, yes, I’m happy with the company and their suite of credit cards.  But, which ones are the[…]

The Best Credit Cards for Restaurant Dining

Love dining out? Then maybe getting a credit card that helps you specifically earn points for dining is a great idea for you. There are several cards out there that are aimed toward those who just love being in restaurants—whether you prefer sitting on a nice outdoor deck during the warm summer months, or cozying[…]

The Top Citibank Credit Cards of 2014

There are many credit card issuing banks out there on this earth.  Not all are created equal.  Some banks really are known for solid card products (looking at you, Amex and Chase) and support their customers.  Citibank is one of those companies. But, which cards are the best to hold in your wallet in 2014? […]

These Credit Cards Offer Airport Lounge Access

Everyone loves the airport lounge.  It makes traveling just a bit easier, and it’s always great to pick up some free snacks (and booze) before or after your long flight.  A warm shower doesn’t hurt after a transatlantic or transpacific journey, either. With many cards cutting benefits for lounges these days, many of you have[…]

Will Applying for Multiple Credit Cards Hurt My Credit Score?

A question I asked myself often when I first began applying for credit cards to help my world travels was: Will applying for multiple credit cards hurt my credit score?  I had done some research into credit scores in general, but the entire equation of what makes up your score was confusing from the get[…]

Airline Credit Cards that Offer FREE Checked Bags

There’s a lot of schlepping involved with traveling.  Some people, it seems, brings their entire closet with them when they go abroad.  However, for the vast majority of us, one or two checked bags is enough to get us through a typical vacation. With the increase in budget cuts of airlines, and their insistence on[…]