Why Having a Rewards Card Makes You More Likely to Spend

There have been many studies and clinical trials that set out to prove or disprove that having a credit card increases the occurrence of spending money. Over the many years that this particular question has been combed over, the same answer is extracted almost every time: yes, people do spend more money when they have[…]

FAQs related to Costco Anywhere Visa Card

It’s no breaking news that American Express and Costco have ended their 16-year long partnership. In fact, the split was announced last year and the final switchover happened this June 20th, when the popular warehouse club stopped accepting the old TrueEarnings American Express cards. Majority of old Costco American Express card holders have already been[…]

How to Close Credit Cards Without Hurting Your Credit Score

For some, just getting a credit card in the first place is a huge accomplishment. For others, they seem to accumulate tons of cards, many of which they don’t need or don’t even use. How do you decide which ones to cancel? And how can you do it without affecting your credit score in a[…]

These Cash Back Cards are Better Than Store Credit Cards

Most of the time, we would try to steer you away from store credit cards, because while they may get you some discounts on your purchases, they often come with very high APRs and their introductory perks can end quickly, leaving you with nothing but a piece of plastic that you can use in only[…]

Target Redcard Review

The Target REDcard is a special kind of store credit card, one that actually functions more like a debit card than a credit card. When you use it to pay for a purchase, it will take the funds out of the checking account that is associated with the account. This means you will never carry[…]

Introducing the Barnes & Noble MasterCard

There are always nerds among us, those that prefer the written word to television or film.  I can say that, I’m one of them (at times).  And, for an eternity, the number one name in “brick and mortar” booksellers has been Barnes & Noble.  That business model, of course, has been challenged in recent years[…]

The L.L. Bean Visa Card: Rewards for Loyal Shoppers

L.L. Bean, the ubiquitous cataloguer for everything you wear outdoors, has always been a part of my closet.  Whether it be a jacket or some hiking boots, L.L. Bean is the outdoors. So, when Barclays released The L.L.Bean Visa Card, I naturally got a bit excited to see what some of the benefits are.  I[…]