The Best Office Chair Without Breaking the Bank

Runners replace their shoes every six months due to the wear and tear on their shoes that results in back pain. Yet, office workers sit in their same chairs for years without replacing them. Office chairs should be changed out about every five years to keep the best padding and support which will help avoid[…]

Best Strollers For Your Busy (or Growing) Family

Let’s face it, it’s hard to do much of anything with a baby on your hip. Do you want to go grocery shopping, run an errand, or chase around a busy toddler? It’s just not going to happen with one arm occupied! That is why finding the best stroller (or strollers!) for your family is[…]

Best Tablet for Reading By the Fire This Fall

Stephen King once said, ‘books are a uniquely portable magic’. While he was undoubtedly talking about the kind with actual pages and ink, modern technology has made books more portable than ever. As a freelance writer, an English literature major, and the son of two educators, I’ve carried my fair share of magic. While there[…]

outdoor fire pit

Best Outdoor Fire Pit for Your Backyard: An In-Depth Comparison

There’s something pleasant about cozying up around an outdoor fire pit on a chilly night. Enjoying the warmth in solitude or with family and loved ones is almost magical. An outdoor fire pit can certainly tie an outdoor space together and brighten up the backyard for all types of gatherings. After visiting with several friends[…]

Best Kids Hiking Backpack For Various Hikes and Ages

The best outdoor kids deserve the best kids hiking backpack. Not only will they feel more independent, a sturdy backpack can keep them safe. That’s why I’ve spent hours over the years to find the best kids hiking backpack. I’ve always loved hiking. My husband and I often hiked and camped as newlyweds and were[…]

The Best Baby Carrier: Our Top Pick

Once you become a parent, you stumble upon a whole trove of topics you didn’t even know existed in your previous, well-rested life. Things like nap schedules become a really big deal. You explore different philosophies about when and how your baby should eat solid food. And yes, even potty training is fraught with debate[…]

The Best Cast Iron Cookware

Since inheriting my first Lodge cast iron griddle/grill combo over 20 years ago, I’ve grown my collection with both new purchases and garage sale scores. Based on my countless hours of experience lasting for two decades, as well as those of the many product reviewers, cooking clubs, and other available online references, I have selected[…]