Stay Comfortable With the Best Shoes for Teaching

I have been teaching Middle School for seven years. Despite the low pay and long hours, I wouldn’t trade this career for anything! My teacher education program taught me to have all my lesson materials prepared, but no one ever schooled me on the other essential teacher must-haves, like a tumbler that will keep my[…]

Light Up the Night With the Best Camping Lantern

Getting stuck outside in the dark while you’re camping isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s dangerous! Feel safe and secure at your well-lit campsite by bringing along the best camping lantern. The Three Best Camping Lanterns After ten years of scouting, taking annual family camping trips, and even leading my church youth group on camping trips, I’ve[…]

The Best Office Chair Without Breaking the Bank

Runners replace their shoes every six months due to the wear and tear on their shoes that results in back pain. Yet, office workers sit in their same chairs for years without replacing them. Office chairs should be changed out about every five years to keep the best padding and support which will help avoid[…]

Best Strollers For Your Busy (or Growing) Family

Let’s face it, it’s hard to do much of anything with a baby on your hip. Do you want to go grocery shopping, run an errand, or chase around a busy toddler? It’s just not going to happen with one arm occupied! That is why finding the best stroller (or strollers!) for your family is[…]

Best Tablet for Reading By the Fire This Fall

Stephen King once said, ‘books are a uniquely portable magic’. While he was undoubtedly talking about the kind with actual pages and ink, modern technology has made books more portable than ever. As a freelance writer, an English literature major, and the son of two educators, I’ve carried my fair share of magic. While there[…]