Surround Yourself with the Best Surround Sound Systems

What Are the Best Surround Sound Systems? Shopping around for a better way to immerse yourself in the sounds of music, movies, TV, or other media? Then you’ll need the best surround sound systems to choose from. I recently decided to upgrade my entertainment area and spent countless hours researching and listening to different setups.[…]

best sleeping pad

Best Sleeping Pad for Summer Backpacking

As any seasoned backpacker can tell you, there are two equally-critical halves to a successful backpacking trip: an exciting, productive day and a safe, restful night. One of the unsung heroes of the backpacker’s arsenal is the sleeping pad: that little piece of comfort between the exhausted backpacker and whatever ground lies beneath. Through thirty[…]

Best Kids Hiking Backpack For Various Hikes and Ages

The best outdoor kids deserve the best kids hiking backpack. Not only will they feel more independent, a sturdy backpack can keep them safe. That’s why I’ve spent hours over the years to find the best kids hiking backpack. I’ve always loved hiking. My husband and I often hiked and camped as newlyweds and were[…]

best patio furniture set

Best Patio Furniture Set Options for Summer 2018

There are a whole lot of reasons to love the summertime–my particular favorites include seeing fireflies, drinking lemonade, being able to smell the freshly cut grass, and lounging about on patio furniture. Yes, that’s right: patio furniture. I’ve spent hours researching and testing furniture to find the best patio furniture set options. For many years,[…]

Best Water Shoes for Summer 2018

If you enjoy outdoor activities as much as I do, you know the importance of selecting appropriate and high-quality equipment. For thirty years, I’ve hiked, camped, kayaked and climbed my way through 45 of 50 states and several foreign countries. I can tell you from personal experience that no other product demands more careful scrutiny[…]

The Best Wired Outdoor Speakers For Your Home

The latest gadgets and gizmos always attract me. I embrace new technology with open arms, eagerly anticipating the next big thing. The latest iPhone, game, and other shiny new pieces of technology attract us. Sometimes, they even distract us from logical thought. After making a big mistake, I decided to research outdoor speakers before I[…]