home security system

Which Home Security System Is Right For You?

The DIY home security system is hugely popular right now because of the availability and low prices of products that have every feature an expensive, professional security system has. In fact, some of the products have more features than the commercial security companies’ products. I’ve personally been researching and upgrading my home for a few[…]

Can I Sell My House For Sale By Owner?

Are you looking to sell your own house in order to keep more of the profit? While it is rather uncommon, only 8% of homes sold in 2017 were “for sale by owner,” without a realtor. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) normally isn’t easier than enlisting an agent, but enough people do it every year[…]

Smart Home Product

A Complete Guide to Building Your Smart House With the Best Brands

Find the Best Smart House Products The world has exploded with smart house products ranging from lights, switches, outlets, power strips, timers, thermostats, TV and sound systems, and security systems. Small businesses and startups are inventing their own devices to compete with the big names like Samsung, Philips, Sonos, Nest, and others. It can be[…]

Best Home Wireless Router System for 2018

There are two groups of people on this planet: those who recognize (and cringe at) the sound of a dial-up internet connection and those who don’t. I proudly stand with that first group. For the past three decades, I’ve watched information technology quicken its pace, embracing both speed and ease of access. With emotions ranging[…]

The Best Wired Outdoor Speakers For Your Home

The latest gadgets and gizmos always attract me. I embrace new technology with open arms, eagerly anticipating the next big thing. The latest iPhone, game, and other shiny new pieces of technology attract us. Sometimes, they even distract us from logical thought. After making a big mistake, I decided to research outdoor speakers before I[…]

baby activity center

Choosing a Baby Activity Center to Delight Your Little One

When I brought home my first baby, it wasn’t long before I thought, “Well, what do we DO all day?” Certainly there are diapers to change, bottles to scrub, and loads of laundry to wash! But often parents want to know how to play with their baby in those early days. Enter: the baby activity[…]

High Chair Title Photo

Picking the Best High Chair for Your Little One

Some items just seem obvious when registering for a new baby. Every parent needs a car seat, a stroller, and maybe even a swing. But a high chair? It may not be on your radar. If you are expecting (or expecting again) it may surprise you how quickly your new baby is ready for food. As[…]