How to Close Credit Cards Without Hurting Your Credit Score

For some, just getting a credit card in the first place is a huge accomplishment. For others, they seem to accumulate tons of cards, many of which they don’t need or don’t even use. How do you decide which ones to cancel? And how can you do it without affecting your credit score in a[…]

Will I Lose My Miles or Points if I Close My Credit Card?

Different credit cards have different policies when it comes to whether or not you can retain your points or miles when you cancel the card. For example, Chase Ultimate Rewards and Citi Thank You points are lost when you cancel the credit card associated with the account. The same goes for American Express Membership rewards.[…]

Will You Lose Your Ultimate Rewards Points if You Cancel Your Credit Card?

One of the great things that Chase has to offer with their rewards credit cards is the ability to combine points from their different Ultimate Rewards points earning cards, including personal cards and business cards, so that you can redeem them for bigger rewards. But, it is important to realize some of the fine print![…]

The 3 Worst Ways to Redeem Credit Card Rewards

You’ve carefully accumulated a bunch of points in your credit card rewards account, now you are wondering how to redeem them. There are definitely good and bad ways to do this, and certain ways to redeem them that will get you much more value than others. Let’s go over a few of the common options—the[…]

How Many Credit Cards Should You Have?

When was the last time you took a look at your free credit report? Were you surprised to see how many credit cards you had open in your name? How often have you been lured at the cash register to sign up for a store credit card to save 10-15% on the spot? All of[…]

What to do when you don’t want to pay your credit card annual fee

Is your credit card’s annual fee coming up? Sometimes a card is packed with benefits that justify the annual fee, and other times, it can be painful! Especially if you’re not taking advantage of all the credit card has to offer. You might be wondering what your options are for avoiding the fee besides canceling[…]

Does Closing a Credit Card Hurt My Credit Score?

The oh-so-important question. But before we get into the answer, let’s look at why people might consider closing a credit card: To curb their spending habits. Remember Rebecca Bloomwood? Yes, she’s the lead character of “Confessions of a Shopaholic” who hit rock bottom due to her shopping addiction. There was a scene where she had[…]