Basics of a 203(k) Home Renovation Loan

Buying a “fixer upper” house might be an economical option for first-time homebuyers and families looking to upgrade to a bigger house. Some families simply need to renovate their current house. Depending on how much renovation you are going to need, a traditional bank might not allow the approve funds necessary to close the mortgage[…]

Best Strollers For Your Busy (or Growing) Family

Let’s face it, it’s hard to do much of anything with a baby on your hip. Do you want to go grocery shopping, run an errand, or chase around a busy toddler? It’s just not going to happen with one arm occupied! That is why finding the best stroller (or strollers!) for your family is[…]

college savings option

Should I Refinance My Private Student Loans?

There’s no denying that college is expensive. A recent report shows that the average 2018 college graduate has nearly $40,000 in student loans. Depending on the salary of their first “real” job, a graduate might be struggling to make the monthly payments once their student loans enter repayment status. This is where refinancing comes into[…]