Taking the Work Out of Needlework With the Best Sewing Machine

Whether you’re hemming, pleating, ruching, or simply basting, you can save countless hours by investing in a high-quality sewing machine that will take the “work” out of “needlework.” As someone who has been sewing for years, having a top-notch machine can make a world of a difference. Sewing machines not only allow you to accomplish[…]

Can I Sell My House For Sale By Owner?

Are you looking to sell your own house in order to keep more of the profit? While it is rather uncommon, only 8% of homes sold in 2017 were “for sale by owner,” without a realtor. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) normally isn’t easier than enlisting an agent, but enough people do it every year[…]

Best Cargo Box for a Cross Country Road Trip

From Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ to Chevy Chase’s ‘Vacation’, our culture has an enduring fascination with the travel journey. When I was six, my parents and I embarked on a six-week road trip from Kentucky to the Pacific and back, touching twenty states in the process. In the thirty years since that summer, I[…]

Smart Home Product

A Complete Guide to Building Your Smart House With the Best Brands

Find the Best Smart House Products The world has exploded with smart house products ranging from lights, switches, outlets, power strips, timers, thermostats, TV and sound systems, and security systems. Small businesses and startups are inventing their own devices to compete with the big names like Samsung, Philips, Sonos, Nest, and others. It can be[…]