Best Grilling Sets For Delicious Barbecuing All Year Long

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One of the hallmark features of any backyard or patio is the grill. But no barbeque can be complete without the perfect grilling set. If you’re anything like me, you love the smoky flavor and the incredible sound of sizzling when you pull it off of the grill. I take grilling seriously and have spent hours testing and upgrading items over the years. I understand that it takes both tools and heat to cook up a meal that all of our friends and family will enjoy. 

Many people (including myself in college) make the mistake of picking up a hodgepodge of kitchen items and trying to use them on the grill. Oftentimes this ruins your accessories and they become unusable for the kitchen and the grill! Others will buy a cheap grilling set that ends up doing a poor job of working with food on the grill (like sticking to the grill), rusting, and eventually breaking.

That’s why I have researched the best grilling sets on the market. Any of these three sets are built to last, easy to clean and transport, and will be exactly what you need to create a delicious meal. These grilling sets also make for a stunning housewarming gift for someone you love. Not only will the grilling set be useful, but your friends will think about you every time they use it!

Factors To Consider When Choosing Grilling Sets

When choosing grilling sets, it’s important to pay close attention to a few factors. First, think about your cooking style and what meals you usually prepare on the grill. If you use the grill only a few times per a year, you might be more inclined to a smaller set such as the Mr. Barbeque 5 Piece Forged Stainless Steel Grilling Set.

Maybe you’re trying out new recipes and want to encourage yourself to spend more time using the grill. Then perhaps the Lunanice 19 Piece Stainless Steel Grilling Set is for you. If you’re a pro or aspire to get there, then consider my favorite PEI 25 Piece Stainless Steel Grilling Set.

In addition to the frequency of use, it’s important to purchase quality. All three of these sets are made of stainless steel and guaranteed to last.

Best Grilling Sets Winner: PEI 26 Piece Stainless Steel Grilling Set

What’s Included In This Set?

If you love to grill, you’ll want to check out this top of the top grilling sets, the PEI 26 Piece Stainless Steel Grilling Set. You will not be disappointed. This set contains absolutely everything you need to make and serve a jaw-dropping meal from the grill. This grilling set includes:

  • Tongs
  • Spatula
  • Barbeque Knife
  • Long Fork
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Basting Brush
  • 2 Seasoning Boxes
  • 4 Food Forks
  • 4 Steak Knives
  • 6 Corn Holders
  • 4 Skewers

BONUS: This set comes with a sleek carrying case. All pieces also include loops for convenient hanging if desired.

Why Is This Grilling Set Special?

To be honest, this set is really more than a grilling set. It’s also a serving set. That’s an important stipulation because quality utensils add to the overall experience of a meal.

Imagine being served a beautifully cooked steak exactly the way you like it only to have to eat it with a dull knife. Instead of enjoying your meal, you would feel possibly embarrassed at the struggle. Meal ruined.

This set comes with convenient corn holders as well. These are great for keeping your fingers clean while chowing down on delicious buttery corn on the cob.

This grilling set includes two seasoning boxes. Seasoned (pun intended) chefs often create their own spice mixtures for the perfect grilled meat or vegetable. With the seasoning boxes, you’ll have a safe place to keep your secret seasoning and be able to use it over and over again. These are super easy to clean once you have emptied out a mix. Just wash, dry, and refill!

Finally, this set includes both the essentials for grilling and upkeep of the grill. It comes with tongs and a spatula for handling food. A barbeque knife and long fork are available for moving and serving food. A basting brush is included for adding flavor to your food and keeping it moist. Most importantly, a heavy duty cleaning brush comes with this grilling set.

It’s incredibly important to clean your grill after every use to not only keep the grill lasting longer but to secure the quality of the food you cook on it. All of the items in this grilling set are made of stainless steel, including the handles.

How Do I Know This Grilling Set Is Right For Me?

If you frequently use the grill and love to entertain, look no further than the PEI 26 Piece Stainless Steel Grilling Set. Unlike the Lunanice 19 Piece Stainless Steel Grilling Set and Mr. Barbeque 5 Piece Forged Stainless Steel Grilling Set, this set includes additional utensils for serving the perfect meal.  

This set is for somebody who is serious about grilling or who wants to take their grilling to the next level. Don’t forget that this 26 piece set would also make a perfect housewarming, holiday, or birthday present. It’s not only an impressive gift, but it’s useful and won’t spend a decade collecting dust in the garage. 



Best Grilling Sets Runner-Up: Lunanice 19 Piece Stainless Steel Grilling Set

What’s Included In This Set?

While the Lunanice 19 Piece Stainless Steel Grilling Set doesn’t have quite the number of utensils as the PEI Grilling Set above, it does contain all of the essentials for a backyard barbeque. Included in this grilling set:

  • 4-in-1 Spatula
  • Grill Tongs
  • Grill Brush
  • Brush Replacement Head
  • Basting Brush
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 8 Corn Holders
  • 4 Shish Kabob Skewers
  • Long Fork
  • Long Knife

BONUS: Includes durable aluminum carrying case. Most pieces also include loops for convenient hanging if desired.

Why Is This Grilling Set Special?

The carrying case is fairly similar to the PEI Grilling Set above. But one special feature of the Lunanice 19 Piece Grilling Set is the extra grill brush head. Instead of being out of luck once you’ve overused your grill bush, you’ll be able to easily switch out the used brush for a brand new one.

This is great news because grill brush heads can become grimy and ineffective, especially if you use the grill frequently. The stainless steel handles of this set are also fairly similar to the PEI set, although it includes fewer items. 

One of our favorite parts of this set, which is also included in the PEI Grilling Set, are the shish kabob skewers. While wooden store-bought shish kabobs are cheap, they’re ineffective. With hardly any prodding they snap in half, split, and once on the grill can burn if not first soaked in water.

It’s incredibly annoying to be layering a kabob and then have to pick out little pieces of wood and start over. Unfortunately, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way and hope to save you from that fate. With the Lunanice Grilling Set, you have gorgeous stainless steel kabobs that you can easily use to skewer meat and vegetables. In addition to securing your food on the grill, they also serve your kabobs in style.

In addition to other essentials such as the basting brush and cleaning brush, this set comes with a long fork and knife. This is important as long utensils while grilling allows you to safely turn and check food without exposing your skin to extreme heat. Luckily, the PEI Grilling Set, Lunanice Grilling Set, and the Mr. Barbeque Grilling Set all come with an elongated fork and knife. 

How Do I Know This Grilling Set Is Right For Me?

When it comes down to it, the Lunanice Grilling Set has a similar quality to the PEI Grilling Set minus the extra bells and whistles. Do you already have a killer set of utensils and need a simple set with only grilling essentials? If so, you may want to choose the Lunanice.

If you’re less interested in hanging up your utensils, the fact that not all of the pieces in this set (such as the corn holders) have loops will not bother you. It also helps that the carrying case is easy to use to store the various pieces. This set may also be right for you if you prefer to have the extra grill brush head for quick turnover while cleaning. It will save you time and prevent you from leaving the grill dirty while you wait to buy a new one! 



Best Grilling Sets Honorable Mention: Mr. Barbeque 5 Piece Forged Stainless Steel Grilling Set

What’s Included In This Set?

The Mr. Barbeque 5 Piece Grilling Set is simple and sweet. If you’re looking for the bare essentials you will find everything that you need including:

  • Spatula
  • Long Fork
  • Tong
  • Basting Brush
  • Long Knife

BONUS: Includes solid wooden case with buckle. All five pieces also include loops for convenient hanging if desired.

Why Is This Grilling Set Special?

Although the Mr. Barbeque set is simpler than the PEI Grilling Set and Lunanice Grilling Set, the solid wood case with rosewood rounded handles helps this product to make a statement. Wherever you carry this case, people will wonder what important items are being kept inside. 

Just because this is a smaller set doesn’t mean that it’s not quality. All of the grilling accessories in the Mr. Barbeque Grilling Set are made of forged stainless steel and therefore unlikely to rust so long as you follow the basic rules of care (see FAQ below). Since this set has fewer items than the others previously mentioned, it’s much easier to keep up with and to take on-the-go. Although handy, those corn holders are easy to misplace.

How Do I Know This Grilling Set Is Right For Me?

If you only grill occasionally and therefore only require basic essentials, the Mr. Barbeque Grilling Set is right for you. It’s small, compact, and made of quality materials. For example, maybe you only grill out on holidays such as the 4th of July and Labor Day. It could be better to buy a smaller set that you can keep in your car or garage.

This set also makes a great gift for close friends and acquaintances. If you’re not sure if someone grills, most of these items could still be used in a regular kitchen. The solid wood carrying case adds an added level of uniqueness and class to your special present. You could even purchase additional kitchen accessories such as oven mitts or a set of dishes to make the gift even more admirable.

Do note that this set doesn’t include a cleaning brush. If you’re buying this set for yourself, you’ll still want to be sure to pick one up. They’re available online and in stores.



Quick Summary of the Best Grilling Sets

Everyone loves a good barbeque and you can’t go wrong with any of the accessory sets mentioned above. Each one includes the basics for grilling a great meal: tongs, a spatula, a long knife, a long fork, and a basting brush. I can’t help it but every time I see a basting brush I think: Thanksgiving turkey on the grill. Try it and your stomach will thank you. The PEI Grilling Set, Lunanice Grilling Set, and Mr. Barbeque Grilling Set are all made of stainless steel and rust-resistant.

If you’re a frequent user of the grill and want a few extra items such as a cleaning brush and shish kabob skewers, you may prefer a larger set such as the 19 piece Lunanice set. The avid grill users should check out our favorite pick, the 26 piece PEI set, for additional items including fork and knife utensils for your guests.

Whichever set you use, remember how important it is to purchase quality grill accessories such as those mentioned in this post. Not only will you be able to keep your grill in tip-top shape, but your meals will be stellar every time. Don’t let cheap grilling sets ruin your grill experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I care for my new grilling set?

Whether you purchase the PEI Grilling Set, Lunanice Grilling Set, or Mr. Barbeque Grilling Set it will be important for you to take good care of each item. If you want your grilling set to last, wash each item with soap and water after use. Then, allow to dry completely in a cool area before putting back in your storage case (if you choose to use it).

Would grilling sets make a good gift?

Absolutely! Whether it’s your mom, dad, best friend, or grandma at the grill, you can be certain that they will love the three grilling sets mentioned above. Are you’re looking for a medium-sized gift which includes functionality? You may want to purchase the Lunanice Grilling Set.

If you’re gifting for a serious grill aficionado and want a fancier carrying case, then go with our top pick, the PEI Grilling Set. Either way, you’ll be giving a gift that is both nice to look at and useful. You can be sure that your friends and family will remember you each time they use their new grilling set!

Do I keep the carrying case or is it only for gifting?

It’s completely up to you! The carrying case can certainly be used regularly so long as you remember to wash and dry your grilling set first. If you are less interested in the carrying case, the PEI set, Lunanice set, and Mr. Barbeque set all come with some form of a loop for easy hanging. The carrying case is also useful if you like to camp or grill out on the lake. Just toss in the car and go!

Are there any safety precautions I should take when using these grilling sets?

You should always you proper caution and common sense when using a grill and grill accessories. This includes protecting your hands and arms when close to a hot grill. In particular, make sure that you keep the knives away from areas where small children can get ahold of them. These sharp knives can pose a serious risk if not stored properly.

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