The Best Alphabet Activities For Your Learning Toddler

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alphabet activities for toddlers

A, B, C, D, E, F, G – which alphabet activity is the right one for me? With so many learning activities to teach your young one, it can be pretty overwhelming. If you’re like me, you want something that is not only entertaining and safe but also something that your little ones can grow into and keep playing with. In other words, you definitely want to make a smart investment in finding the best alphabet activities for toddlers.

Thankfully, we’ve done the work so you don’t have to! After countless hours scrambling with all 26 letters of the alphabet, I can say with confidence, that  is the best alphabet activity for your growing toddler.

The Best Alphabet Activities For Toddlers Winner: V-Tech Alphabet Activity Cube


alphabet activities for toddlers

V-Tech is the go-to leading brand for educational toys in babies and toddlers. The company has been around for 40 years and are the most respected education toys developers worldwide. Every V-Tech toy is crafted with education in mind and their toys have shaped the future of development for babies and toddlers.

When V-Tech creates a product, you can be sure that they have your child’s best interests at heart. There are countless educators and child development professionals who assess, test and make sure productivity rises from these toys. With V-Tech, they never focus on just one skill.

What makes this toy our top pick?

These toys will teach languages, alphabets, numbers, shapes, and so many other important learning milestones for a child. If you’ve stepped into the world of children at all, you’ve probably heard about V-Tech. Gone are the days when you raise the flash cards and receive blank stares and wandering eyes. With this alphabet activity cube, your toddler’s attention will be completely focused on hands-on learning.

The V-Tech Alphabet Activity Cube features more than 100 songs for the little one to dance and play to, a convenient storage area for every letter of the alphabet, and many other interactive activities, all enveloped in a space-saving, durable cube. The convenient portability is enough to appeal to those parents who aren’t wanting their living space taken over by toys.


The V-Tech Alphabet Activity Cube has so much versatility when utilizing alphabet activities for your toddler. This cube comes with 13 double-sided letters, capable of teaching all 26 letters. There are two types of electronic modes to turn on, a learning mode and play mode.

Each letter can be placed in a block-shaped slot and your little one can hear the cube tell them exactly which letter it is. This is excellent for interactivity and teaching listening skills. Furthermore, on the top side of the cube, each letter can be conveniently stacked for building play. You will watch your toddler’s eyes light up as their motor skills are fine-tuned when they put it in the slot and hear the acknowledgment from the cube itself.

Durability and Design

The cube is extremely durable, yet light-weight. As we all know, toddlers can be a bit rough, and with other alphabet activities, this may not necessarily be the case. The plastic is thick, perfect for being tossed around a bit. When your child uses it to stand, it will stay in place and is capable of supporting the weight.

Each side is rounded, so you will not have to worry about sharp edges or corners, as you would with other activity cubes. Most activity cubes on the market are wooden and can be chipped, but with the V-Tech Alphabet Activity Cube, those problems are gone.

Another fun feature is the design of the cube. The V-Tech Alphabet Activity Cube comes in two color schemes. One of the schemes is a more neutral red and orange color palette. These colors are very vivid and attractive to your child.

However, if you are looking for a toned-down palette, V-Tech also offers it in a pretty pink and blue color scheme.

Developmental Learning

Each side of the activity cube is full of adventures for a learning toddler – teaching the alphabet, animal noises, shapes, and numbers. Your toddler’s learning is not only limited to the alphabet but so much more. This cube is so versatile and will entertain for hours of educational fun. They will laugh, sing, and dance in tune with the cube.

What makes this cube so innovative and incomparable to other alphabet activities for toddlers is its ability to interact. The cube will make requests of your child to press certain buttons and applaud your little one for doing so. For instance, if the cube tells your child to press the number 6 and your child does this, the cube will celebrate with you the child’s accomplishment.

This is important to your child’s development because it encourages them to follow directions and rewards them by telling them they are doing a great job. Children need to be applauded for doing right, and the V-Tech Alphabet Activity Cube understands that.

Quiet Mode

For parents, you can still maintain your peace with this toy. Many parents get tired of obnoxiously loud toys that drown out their thoughts, but with this activity cube, you can relax. This cube features a quiet mode and a loud mode. The quiet mode is still heard, but not so loud as to drive you crazy.

It also comes with two double-A batteries included, though it is recommended to still replace with new ones.

Multi-faceted Sides

There are 5 sides full of fun for your toddler. It also has a removable phone that will sometimes ring and stops when your toddler answers it. As always, the cube will notice and praise your toddler for doing so. The number pad has both numbers and animals on it, which can test their knowledge of animal sounds and numbers.

On another side, there is a slot for dropping the alphabet blocks into. They will slide down obstacles with a clatter. Each side is fully functional and dedicates itself to educating children with motor skills.


Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this cube from a parent’s point of view is that this alphabet activity cube is a little to a no-mess toy. With most alphabet activities, whether it be flash cards or 26 blocks scattered randomly around the house, these blocks and the phone are the only removable toys. No more scrambling all over looking for the toys. It is a great space saver for smaller spaces, but without limiting all the fun.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers for the best Alphabet Activities for Toddlers

With every toy and product, there are some things that can present issues. The is no exception. While this is a wonderful toy and has so many benefits for a little one, there are only a couple things that could be better in this already-great toy.

The biggest and most complained issue refers to one of the sides of the cube. This side is probably the least interesting side. Your child is able to take those alphabet blocks and slide them down the side. There are a couple of protruding obstacles in which the letters find their way to the bottom. Consumers have reported that a block must be dropped just right in order to properly slide into the bottom. Many times, the block gets stuck in the slide and has to be pushed down to adequately do what it is supposed to.

Additional Concerns about the Best Alphabet Activities For Toddlers

Another issue that has been brought to attention is that it can be difficult for those in the younger stages, such as infant to young toddler, to push the alphabet block into the digital slot. It requires a little bit more strength to properly click into the slot. Parents can do it easily, but little ones may not.

However, even though these can present disappointing issues, parents can turn these issues around and make it a teachable moment. By showing how the blocks actually fit, they can focus on developing problem-solving skills. Once a parent shows a toddler how to push in the block, toddlers will be able to do so. They will realize they must apply just a little more force. Additionally, when the block gets stuck in the slide, the child will be able to see that it is stuck and adjust it so it drops.

Your little one may have to exert a little more energy, but this will teach them how to solve their own problems, which is a great developmental skill. Even if they have a couple hindrances with this magnificent cube of wonder, you will be able to share in a great teaching moment with your child as they learn to solve their own problems, as they will undoubtedly need to learn as they progress into adulthood.


The Best Alphabet Activities For Toddlers Runner-Up: ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

alphabet activities for toddlers

This product is very similar to the V-Tech Alphabet Activity Cube, but there are some distinct differences in which V-Tech still comes out on top. Yes, it does have the same shape and space-saving abilities but is missing some key differences that make V-Tech superior.

The My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube includes a 16 x 12 x 12-inch wooden cube with curvy wire rides, peek-a-boo doors, spin and match animals, turn and learn ABC word tiles, and racing rollers. These can all be great fun for a growing child 1 year of age and older. It also doesn’t have lights or music, which can be good for places that allow minimal noise. Plus, its a relief for many parents and guardians.

Pros and Cons of the Wooden Toy

First of all, this is a wooden activity cube, whereas V-Tech is completely plastic. While wooden toys increase durability, they can also compromise the safety of the toy. Sometimes children can have an unnatural strength and if for any reason they are able to tip the toy, a more serious injury could happen. It only has to move just a little for a tiny toe to get stuck under.

Wood is also much heavier and sturdier which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But, should your struggling toddler stumble and fall on the toy, they are looking at a more serious injury. If you ever had your kid smack his head on a table, this would be similar.

With the V-Tech cube, it is all rounded plastic. Should a child fall on it, the most you would worry about is a small bump. With a wooden toy, it is more likely to obtain a cut, or perhaps splinters after repeated use. Wood will break down over time and can chip. If the wood on this cube were to chip, then your child is exposed to the possibility of splinters, and more serious injuries.


Secondly, this cube is not interactive at all. There are no sounds, no lights, and nothing to capture the child’s interest. It does not stimulate learning, other than motor skills. Toddlers have to be entertained. They likely won’t want to simply just spin letters for hours on end.

With a cube like this, your toddler will likely be entertained for a small amount of time and then move on.

The Best Alphabet Activities For Toddlers Honorable Mention: CoolToys Baby Phonics Playtime School Bus

alphabet activities for toddlers


Another similar toy to V-Tech’s Alphabet Activity Cube that could be comparable is the CoolToys Baby Phonics Playtime School Bus.


This little bus features all 26 letters of the alphabet, all numbers, shapes, and other motor skill development areas. It is interactive and plays 26 different songs and beats. 

The interactivity is quite similar to the alphabet cube but does not rise to the teaching capabilities. There are four different modes, and each mode is actually quite repetitive. When the alphabet buttons are pressed, they simply repeat the letter. There is no teaching mode. Furthermore, there are no removable pieces and your child will simply be able to press buttons and move the bus.

This is a smaller toy, much like many of the toys you probably already have lying around. The wheels make it fun for movement, however, it is more likely that your toddler will be interested in the fact that it is a vehicle and will use it as such. The vehicle aspect of this toy may detract from the purpose of the toy, which is to teach the alphabet. This diminishes the educational quality of learning the alphabet, though it is still helpful.

Additional Items of Note

The CoolToys Baby Phonics Playtime School Bus is very easy to transport. If your little one wants to bring their bus when visiting grandparents or relatives, it is much easier than the block. Plus, the pieces stay together, making this one of the best alphabet activities for toddlers.

The Best Alphabet Activities For Toddlers Honorable Mention: A4B 26PCS Alphabet&Letters Learning Montessori Soft Cards For Toddlers

alphabet activities for toddlers

A popular alphabet activity for toddlers would be flash cards. Here, A4B presents a set of 26 soft cloth flashcards that come in a handy cloth storage case. Flashcards have always been a staple in teaching children different things, but generally, this is done in elementary school with math problems and such.

While it is an excellent idea to make these flashcards cloth, if your child is to spill anything or spit-up on them, you are stuck having to wash them. As a parent, an extra load of laundry is probably the last thing you would want to do.

Additionally, as we know, toddlers love to put things into their mouths. Imagine grabbing one of these letter cards, only to find it is sopping wet with your child’s slobber. Not fun, and definitely not productive. Also, you can guarantee that these cards will be all over the house, some lost in the laundry, and you’ll be stuck missing some in the end.

Comparison to The Best Alphabet Activities For Toddlers

These cards are made for one purpose and one purpose only: to teach the letters. With the V-Tech Alphabet Activity Cube, your toddler is introduced to so many other learning activities, such as increased motor skills, numbers, animal sounds, and other important developmental activities. There is no extra laundry, and any mess your child makes on it can easily be wiped up.

The is a no-mess, no-fuss, and all the fun. It is clear that when measured up against other popular alphabet activities for toddlers, the V-Tech Alphabet Activity Cube comes out on top, always.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If my child loses any of the blocks, can I get any replacements, or am I just out of luck?

A. Absolutely not! V-Tech understands that sometimes with children, items just go missing. Thankfully, they have made it available on Amazon to purchase replacement blocks.

Q. How long do the batteries last in these best alphabet activities for toddlers toys?

A. While the V-Tech Alphabet Activity Cube comes with 2 AA batteries, it is highly recommended to replace them. With a fresh set of batteries, many have reported the batteries to last around a year or so in all of the toys mentioned above. This is dependent on the frequency of use.

Q. What age is this toy recommended for?

A. The V-Tech Alphabet Activity Cube is recommended for 9 months up to 3 years. The other toys recommend the same. One year old is a good start.

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